CrossBox 2

A CrossBox Server is used to facilitate building and debugging Elements projects on operating systems other than that used by the developer. For example, a developer working on Windows might want to debug a Mac or Linux app, or a developer working in Fire on Mac might want to run an application on a Windows or Linux host for debugging.

CrossBox 2 no longer requires running a custom app on the target machine, and instead uses SSH. (SSH is available on Linux and Mac by default, and can easily be installed on Windows via OpenSSH.)

CrossBox in Fire, Water, Visual Studio or the Command Line

CrossBox 2 is used only for Cocoa and Island and projects, to run them on a remote Mac, Linux or Windows server.

From Fire, a CrossBox 2 connection is required for running and debugging both Windows or Linux applications, since neither can be run locally on the Mac, for obvious reasons. Of course this Windows or Linux machine can be a dedicated PC or server, or a Virtual Machine running inside Parallels or VMware on your Mac.

From Water and Visual Studio, a CrossBox 2 connection is required for building, running and debugging Cocoa apps, and can also optionally be used for running and debugging Island projects on Linux and Mac.

From Linux build servers, a CrossBox 2 connection is required for building Cocoa apps.

Island/Windows and Linux applications can be built locally on both Mac, Windows and Linux, without the need for a remote connection.

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