RemObjects.Elements.System.Memory<Writer> Extension


Instance Methods



method Flush: error


error Flush()


func Flush() -> error


func Flush() error


Function Flush() As error



method Init(output: Writer; minwidth: int; tabwidth: int; padding: int; padchar: byte; flags: uint): Memory<Writer>


Memory<Writer> Init(Writer output, int minwidth, int tabwidth, int padding, byte padchar, uint flags)


func Init(_ output: Writer, _ minwidth: int, _ tabwidth: int, _ padding: int, _ padchar: byte, _ flags: uint) -> Memory<Writer>


func Init(output Writer, minwidth int, tabwidth int, padding int, padchar byte, flags uint) Memory<Writer>


Function Init(output As Writer, minwidth As int, tabwidth As int, padding As int, padchar As byte, flags As uint) As Memory<Writer>


  • output:
  • minwidth:
  • tabwidth:
  • padding:
  • padchar:
  • flags:



method Write(buf: Slice<Byte>): tuple of (n: Int64, err: error)


(Int64 n, error err) Write(Slice<Byte> buf)


func Write(_ buf: Slice<Byte>) -> (Int64, error)


func Write(buf Slice<Byte>) tuple of (|name=n| Int64, |name=err| error)


Function Write(buf As Slice<Byte>) As Tuple (Of Int64, error)


  • buf: