RemObjects.Elements.System.Memory<Tree> Extension


Instance Methods



method Copy: Memory<Tree>


Memory<Tree> Copy()


func Copy() -> Memory<Tree>


func Copy() Memory<Tree>


Function Copy() As Memory<Tree>



method ErrorContext(n: Node): tuple of (location: string, context: string)


(string location, string context) ErrorContext(Node n)


func ErrorContext(_ n: Node) -> (string, string)


func ErrorContext(n Node) tuple of (|name=location| string, |name=context| string)


Function ErrorContext(n As Node) As Tuple (Of string, string)


  • n:



method Parse(text: string; leftDelim: string; rightDelim: string; treeSet: Map<string, Memory<Tree>>; params funcs: array of Map<string, Object>): tuple of (tree: Memory<Tree>, err: error)


(Memory<Tree>treetree, error err) Parse(string text, string leftDelim, string rightDelim, Map<string, Memory<Tree>> treeSet, params Map<string, Object>[] funcs)


func Parse(_ text: string, _ leftDelim: string, _ rightDelim: string, _ treeSet: Map<string, Memory<Tree>>, _ funcs: Map<string, Object>...) -> (Memory<Tree>, error)


func Parse(text string, leftDelim string, rightDelim string, treeSet Map<string, Memory<Tree>>, funcs []Map<string, interface{}>) tuple of (|name=tree| Memory<Tree>, |name=err| error)


Function Parse(text As string, leftDelim As string, rightDelim As string, treeSet As Map<string, Memory<Tree>>, ParamArray funcs As Map<string, Object>()) As Tuple (Of Memory<Tree>, error)


  • text:
  • leftDelim:
  • rightDelim:
  • treeSet:
  • funcs: